About My Order

How can I track my order?

Click HERE to track your order.

How can I cancel my order?

Your order can only be canceled before it ships.

To cancel the order, please email us: support@jasionbike.com.

Canceling order request may not available during the weekeend or holiday.

When will my order be shipped?

Generally speaking, your order will be shipped within one business day after placing the order, and you would receive a confirmation email with a tracking number a few days after the package is shipped out.

Why my order has been canceled?

Because your order is detected as a high risk account by the payment system. Therefore, we must cancel your order. You will receive your refund within 7 business days. If you would still like to purchase an E-Bike from us, please use a different email and shipping address.

Do I need to pay for tax?

The tax will be included on shipping fee if necessary

Refund & Warranty

Refund policy

For Jasion E-Bike warranty policy, please click HERE.


For Jasion E-Bike warranty policy, please click HERE.

About Jasion E-bike

User manual/Installation Video

For Jasion E-Bike user manual and installation video, please click HERE.

How long should it take to fully charge the battery?

You should expect it to take anywhere between 5 to 9 hours for a full battery charge. Please note that there are varying times due to the internal battery balancing systems and can influence the duration of charging.

How do I charge the battery?

Plug the included charger into the Jasion E-bike's charging port. To keep the battery healthy, please use Jasion's charger to charge the Jasion E-Bike.

How long does the battery last after a full charge?

The Jasion's excellent battery system is capable of driving around 40 miles on a single charge. (Depending on various factors such as road conditions, speed, etc.)

Are Jasion E-bike waterproof?

Jasion E-Bike is water-resistant, this means that the bike won't let water in easily. If you drive on a wet road, your bike will be fine. But if you battery in puddles or submerge your bike into water and the electric parts get wet, damage could occur.
Rider Safety tip: It's pretty dangerous riding in rain, so take care.

If you do ride on wet surfaces, wipe off all the water on the surface of your board, especially the charging port, and do not charge your bike until it’s dry.

FYI: warranty doesn't include water damage.

Mantenance after rain

If you accidentally ride in the rain or on wet surfaces, wipe off all the water on the surface of your board, especially in the charging port, and do not charge your board until it gets dry.


Do I need a special license to ride an E-bike?

This only applies to Jasion bikes and does not apply to all other types of e-bikes.

Is there an age limit for using electric bikes?

In accordance with local US laws, Jasion recommends that only riders aged 14 and above ride on our electric bikes. Be sure to check your local state e-bike laws to guarantee the age limit for e-bike riding.

Can I ride my E-bike with a passenger?

JASION does not recommend riding with more than one adult on the bike at a time. This ensures safer riding conditions as well as increased maneuverability and control for the rider.

Can I ride my E-bike off-road?

Yes! The JASION EB7 E-Bike is designed specifically for off-roading. The fat tires and 500-watt battery will ensure that you are in control when taking to the trails. The Jasion EB5 E-Bike is not designed for off-road use but can take on some light trails and grassy pathways.