Electric Bike

EB7 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike


Convenient to transport and store with a quick folding mechanism, and powerful to ride on all terrain types.

  • 48V 10Ah Battery
  • 500W Motor
  • 40-Mile Journey
  • Double Shock Absorption
  • Four Working Modes

EB5 Electric Bike Commuter Bike


An improved authentic road bike experience powered by a detachable battery.

  • 36V 10 Ah Detachable Battery
  • 350W Motor
  • 40-Mile Journey
  •  Three Working Modes

Jasion E-bike

Jasion is committed to developing cost-effective electric bikes for its customers, and currently offers the EB5 urban commuter bike and the EB7 all-terrain bike. We provide the best quality products at the best possible price because we are a direct-to-customer business. So, no matter what your age or what your job is, no matter who you are or where you come from, we strive to offer cost-efficient electric bikes for you.