What's the difference between EB7 2.0 and EB7 1.0?

by JasionBike

EB7 2.0

While having the all-terrain off-road advantage of wide tires, we also solve the problem of overweight e-bikes and seats that are too high for more customers.

  • 5'1"-6'2" Recommended height
  • MAX 300 LBS Load capacity
  • IP Level IP65
  • Max range 45 miles

How does the EB7 compare?

MODELJasion  eb7 Lectrice XP 2.0
Range per
Average Charge
45 miles/72.42 km45 miles/72.42 km
Locally ServiceableRequires Jasion support centerYes
Warranty2 Years1 Year
Foldable for Easy StorageYesYes
SuspensionFront and rear suspensionFront suspension
Weight59.5 lbs (27kg)64 lbs
Supports phone chargingYesNo

What are the testimonials?

“I am so impressed with this Bike, it is legitimately the best E-bike I've ever ridden.”

"This electric bike is under $1000 but will offer you good speed and range specs. "

Our Features

2 Years Warranty

Exceptional Customer and Tech Support

Easily Serviced 

Easy to Asemble

Fast & Free Shipping

Support phone charging

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  • Tom Byrne May 08, 2023

    Do i have to wire a seperate circuit to charge or does a standard 115V wall plug work?
    How fast will the smalle bike go?

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